Student Video Competition

Competition Chair
Warren Koch, Azusa Pacific University

BEA Best of Festival King Foundation Award

Husky Productions, St. Cloud State University
“Husky Productions: Colorado College at St. Cloud State University”

Animation/Experimental/Mixed Category

1st Place: David Dorsey Jesse Damiani,Tatiana Olsak, Kevin Patterson, & Clay Greenhaw, Florida State University
“Goodbye Ben”

2nd Place: Anne Dezort, Anthony Isaac, Stephen Eudaly, & Charlie Rosenbury, Missouri State University
“The Minutes Behind”

3rd Place: Kurt Dillow, Timothy Saville, Ryan Paxton & Brian Thompson, Missouri State University
“The Days”

Honorable Mention: John Todd Christensen & Scott Cody, Azusa Pacific University
“The Incredible Space Adventures of V-33”

Honorable Mention: Kelly Courtney, Frostburg State University

Instructional/Educational Category

1st Place: Catherine Creeden, Elon University
“Physical Plant 101: Dorm Bed Construction”

2nd Place: Brian Rathbone, University of Oklahoma
“Caroline Burr”

3rd Place: Christopher West, Elon University

Honorable Mention: Lauren Tucker & Melea McCreary, University of Oklahoma
“7 Deadly Sins”

Music Video Category

1st Place: Jesse Doland, Cale Lincoln Erickson, & Jena Brancart, Azusa Pacific University
“All My Tomorrows by Stop Motion Poetry”

2nd Place: Jacob Landis-Eigsti, Goshen College

3rd Place: Drew Munhausen, University of Oklahoma
“Made in America”

Honorable Mention: Scott Murphy, University of Tennessee – Knoxville
“Baby We Were Young”

Honorable Mention: Joe Vella & Andrew Quinn, Ball State University
“It’s Easy To Be Alone by Joel Levi”

Narrative Video Category

1st Place: Jeremy Olson, Erin Channing, Scott Crozier, & Jacob Turner, Azusa Pacific University
“Parental Unit”

2nd Place: Andrew Fairbank, Florida State University

3rd Place (Tie): Jesse D. Doland, Jena Brancart, Jennifer Hall, Cale Lincoln Erickson, Daniel Nenadovich, & Andrew Rager, Azusa Pacific University
“Raise Your Dead”

3rd Place (Tie): Max Rosen & Kenny Wheeler, Missouri State University
“Marble Rye”

Honorable Mention: Olivia Dubendorf & Daniel Koehler, Elon University
“It’s a Villainous Life”

Honorable Mention: Daniel Maggio, Myles Gilbert, & Matthew Galleron San Jose State University, & Stephen Siemens, University California – Riverside

Honorable Mention: Micah Murray, Northwestern College
“The Obituary of Richard Cory”

Honorable Mention: Alyssa Pearson, Malone University
“Keepsakes”     Part 1 |   Part 2

Honorable Mention: Advanced Narrative Production Class, Kent State University
“Breaking News”     Part 1 |   Part 2

Honorable Mention: Sean Webley, University of Florida
“Whistle Blower”

Promotional Category

1st Place: Christopher Bunn, Elon University
“2010 Elon Phoenix Football Promotional Video”

2nd Place: Benny Martinez, Jesse Herrera, Melissa Wike, & Kaila Grafeman, University of New Mexico
“UNM Institutional Spot: Stages”

3rd Place: David Sutera, University of Kansas
“Glass Half Full”

Honorable Mention: Cibee Jaime, Missouri State University
“MJF Promo”

Honorable Mention: Timothy Kurtz, Oklahoma Baptist University
“Shine at OBU”

Studio Category (multi-camera or live-to-tape)

1st Place: David Burkhart, University of Oklahoma
“Live from Warehouse 118”

2nd Place: Husky Productions, St. Cloud State University
“Husky Magazine”

3rd Place: Joshua Shockley, Chris Keithley, & Alicia Stamps, University of Oklahoma
“The Set”

Honorable Mention: ICTV, Ithaca College
“Game Over”

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